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Teekcas Aboriginal Boutique

Teekca's Boutique at the Forks Market is a unique Aboriginal shop catered to provide gifts crafted by First Nations People. The artisans incorporate the history, geography and culture into their beautiful wares and artwork by drawing upon the natural resources of the land. The store hosts a variety of Aboriginal Art Work and hand crafted items. The store is owned by Marilyn Tanner-Spence and Walter Spence. They have four locations: Norway House, Thompson, Opaskwayak and the second level of the Forks Market. Each location is unique to that area. They also own Myleen's Treasures in Thompson.

Featured Artists:

Doreen Hardy          

Jessie Wastesicoot

Marcus Houston     

M. Thomas Jr          

R.F. J.Noel   

Rod Jackson  and Robert Nolan

Four Directions Woolen Blanket

Rosita Yazzie and Joyce Blackie  

Shawn McCormick

Shelly Cook

Tammy Bevis - Pendleton Bears

Contact Information: Teekca's Aboriginal Boutique
  Marilyn Tanner-Spence and Walter Spence
  The Forks Market
  Winnipeg,, MB
How do I contact them? Phone: (204) 956-0539
  Fax: (204) 942-1722