Boozhoo (Greeting) my name is Betty Maud. I am Anishinabe from Skownan First Nation now residing in Winnipeg, MB. I am a native clothing designer creating traditional and contemporary wear.

I was first introduced to fabrics at age six, not realizing then that I would have a passion for sewing later on in life.  It was then by looking in a box of fabric I was automatically attracted to sparkling material. I grabbed a piece of fabric, cut two armholes for my doll's dress and there I created my first dress. I was so proud. Whenever, I would see fabric I would always run my hand across the fabric feeling the texture and admiring the colours.

During my mid-twenties, I began connecting with my First Nation Heritage. Inspired by seeing gorgeous POW WOW regalia and cultural clothing for ceremonies, I began teaching myself to sew by hand, a woman's traditional dress and ribbon skirts. With my growing desire to sew, I took a Native Clothing Design Program in Alberta, along with other various programs. This introduced me to native cultural arts and enhanced my sewing skills.

The desire to start a business has been with me for a few years now. I wish to pursue my dream of to be a well-established native clothing designer and business owner a reality. Who provides custom design consultation to ensure the clients, ideas, wants, and desires are used to create items they seek.

Expansion idea for my business will include teaching basic sewing and regalia making. In addition, I would like to create employment opportunities to these future sewers.

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