Little White Mouse Creations

My name is Douglas Harney, (Little White Mouse), a Manitoba artist born during the 60's, with relatives in Garden Hill First Nations through a making of relatives ceremony, and with relatives also in England/Ireland.  I became interested in leather work when I was 10 yrs old of which I learned from my father.  During my journey throughout various parts of Canada, many traditional people have taught me the art of beadwork and when it comes to woodcarving, I am self taught.

Since 1995 I have been actively pursuing my art form as a hobby till recently when I decided to pursue it in a more professional manner and being influenced by the rich history and traditions of the Aboriginal lifestyle which I follow, I along with wilderness landscapes and wildlife designs, allow my spirit to guide and influence me in creating and showcasing one of a kind pieces of art.

Through working with mediums such as precious and semi-precious gem stones, beads, various types of leather, bone and different species of wood, I find it easy to implement them into my pieces which allows me the freedom to express myself by showing a variety of techniques and methods used to bring out the uniqueness and beauty that are reflected in the pieces I create and  would one day like to see my work being recognized worldwide and by many in the art world, not only as jewelry and such, but as decorative art pieces.

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