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Uniquely Manitoba works on various programs to help in numerous areas of consulting for the ARTS.  

Uniquely Manitoba offers a number of Business Development Workshops:

Various teaching formats:

  • Classroom Seminars,
  • CD/DVD courses
  • Internet Webinars {In Development}

In the Future........... we offer a large variety of subjects:

Specific business training subjects that will add value to your business.
If you have other ideas or needs of information e-mail those suggestions.

  • Art Product Development & Designs for Consumers
  • How to photograph your artwork
  • Marketing your Arts
  • Effective Sales Techniques
  • Fortune is in the Follow-upAre you Export Ready
  • Internet as a promotion vehicle
  • Bookkeeping & Producing a Business Plan for your business
  • Exhibit & Trade Show Booth ideas & Show & Sales Techniques
  • Branding your business
  • Website Do’s and Don’ts in your promotional messages
  • Copy Rights, how do you protect yourself
  • Setting up a Marketing Strategy
  • What are all the Financing options today and how to access them
  • Business Analysis
  • Exit Strategy of a Business Owner, something you should plan when you even start a business
  • Office organization Techniques from the equipment to the systems
  • Writing your Bio/Artist Statement & Art piece stories, Certificates of Authenticity
  • Visual Arts & 3 D Art (originals/limited editions/prints) & Art Cards
  • Successful Artists Panel Advisors  Q&A

Aboriginal Artists Business Development Program

Take your artistic talents to the “next level”, be your own Art Business Owner


Our program is designed to assist Aboriginal artists, crafters and specialty food producers in developing confidence and planning for the future.

This course includes:

  • Product assessments · Individual marketing strategy
  • Developing a business portfolio ·Development of promotional materials
  • Booth designing · Exhibit plans · Trade show experience ·Export information
  • A full business plan · Start up and management workshops
  • Individual website (50 image gallery & training content management system)
  • Listing in Virtual Gift Show · Listing in annual catalogue

Attendance can be of NO COST to qualified applicants Program Start:

September, 2014

Deadline for applications: September 12th, 2014 {Limited Spaces}

Duration of Training: Part-time for 3 months with on-going workshops on business operations & management Location: TBA

Check out the other support programs to learn to operate your business.......

If you have any questions, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help you.