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Artists joining together to build the industry and create success

HAVE YOU HEARD, there are Wonderful Benefits with joining Uniquely Manitoba Membership.

Uniquely Manitoba is a non-profit organization that offers Marketing Strategies and Business Consulting for the Arts.  If you are an Artisan of Visual Arts & Culinary, Music, Art Gallery, Gift Boutique/Shop, or a supportive Art Business in our Manitoba made Market Place this will be an asset to your business.

Benefits for the Uniquely Manitoba Members are designed to help the Artist Business owners to gain a new level of success in their business.

Uniquely Manitoba supports the philosophy to assist and encourage artists to work together to succeed in their individual business development success.

Artists and Artisans creating the amazing “Manitoba Made” Art Products is a value to all society and celebrates the diverse culture available in Manitoba.   To be a successful Manitoba Business Owner in this Art Industry today requires owners to be more organized and business-savvy.   It is important for a creative business owner to develop a business alter ego.



  • ARTIST Listing on Virtual Gift Show  (ART image, contact info & artist statement)
  • NEW for 2012 - website will now feature 4 images for each artist.
  • Feature in annual catalogue (image, contact info & artist statement) 7,500 copies for 2012.
  • E-Book of the annual catalogue is distributed electronically to over 4800 on Uniquely Mb Data base.
  • Uniquely goes to a large extent to market and promote the print and electronic version of the Catalogue  
  • Feature in one of the monthly e-newsletters provided to over 4800 distribution.
  • Access to Individual Membership Website option for $149.00 {$600.00 value} includes training in set-up and maintenance, hosting, home page, about us page, contact page and 50 image gallery with prices).


  • Use of Uniquely Manitoba’s merchant card service (Visa & Mastercard) for your sales.
  • Referrals from Uniquely Manitoba of requests from businesses to assist in their gift giving needs (i.e. employee recognition, special visitors, official travel).
  • Receive “call for entry” opportunities to fill special purchases (i.e. conferences, special events).


  • Invitations to participate in special exhibits and Trade Shows (i.e. Concert Hall – Manitoba Night – Various Trade Show).  Discount costs available to Uniquely Manitoba Members.  This program has increased opportunities by 200%.   Joining the forces with a variety of artists will save costs and bring a valuable promotion option.
  • Notice and contact information for upcoming markets (Portage Place, Lily Festival – other summer festivals).


  • Artist specific workshops offered by Uniquely Manitoba (live, online and on CD)
    • TOPICS: (product development, sales & marketing strategy, business planning, customer service, financial planning, export, designing booths, trade show exhibit plans and others).
  • Individual website development and maintenance.

E-NEWSLETTER:  (distribution of over 4,800)

  • Receive informative monthly e-newsletter. (up-coming exhibits, workshops, call for entries, art markets, competitions, marketing articles, etc.).
  • Promote your participation in other shows. (must have information 6 weeks in advance of event).
  • Feature promotion of individual artists in each newsletter on rotation system (distribution of over 4,800).

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS PACKAGE:  (This is a growing package)


  • Access to the use of the Canadian Barter System;  You can trade your art or services for various needs you may have or want.  Such vast selection of items as Script/Gift Certificates for Restaurants, Salons, household or business supplies, art prints, entertainment, travel, business cards and supplies/equipment.
  • Membership Discount for accounting ServicesSpecial investment services and a free preliminary review at no cost for Uniquely Members
  • Discount fees for participation to various exhibits, workshops, art markets
  • New Website for Online sales such as Art4Barter, Art Auctions...............

More to come........ Become a Uniquely Manitoba Member and grow with us....................

Catalogue & Virtual Trade Show $50.00 (12 months)
Virtual Trade Show Only $25.00 (12 months)

  • One picture and contact information, including link to external website and email, 50 word artist statement
  • personalized manual for content editing
  • photo, description and contact listing in printed full colour annual catalogue


Interested in joining?

Download application forms (pdf) (updated for 2017 & 2015)

  • Catalogue Virtual Gift Show pdf
  • The Benefits of Joining pdf

If you have any questions, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help you. CONTACT US